Laboratory gas exchange system equipped with:


Laboratory gas exchange system equipped with:

  • Li-COR 7000, infrared CO2/H2O analyzer
  • Gas exchange system with Walz custom leaf chamber
  • Li-COR 6400, infrared portable CO2/H2O analyzer, equipped with 6400-02B LED Light Source chamber, 6400-08 Clear Chamber, 6400-40 Leaf Chamber Fluorometer, 6400-17L Lighted Whole Plant Arabidopsis Chamber, 6400-22L Lighted Conifer Chamber
  • Pressure chamber for leaf water potential
  • Leaf area meter
  • Precision balances
  • Ventilated oven

Combustion chamber NOSELAB ATS Teflon coated equipped with:

  • HD 2103.2 Delta Hom srl data logger
  • AP471S1 anemometric probe
  • MRU NOVA PLUS CO/CO2/CH4 Combustion/emission portable analyzer

Calibration system equipped with:

  • Brooks mass flow controller 4850 1L min-1
  • Brooks mass flow controller 4850 50mL min-1
  • Zero Air Generator system

Other devices:

  • KNF pumps with PTFE membrane (N811KT.18) Laboport
  • Buck VSS-1 pump
  • 3 Plant Growth Chambers



Eddy Covariance tower at Bosco di Capodimonte equipped with:

Devices connected to CR6 module:

Devices connected to CR1000:

  • MP103A Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe
  • ARG100 Precipitation Sensor
  • Apogee Instruments SP
  • 110 Pyranometer Sensor
  • Model 278 Barometric Pressure Sensor

Laboratories at Naples research area are equipped with:

  • A0211, High Precision Vaporizer
  • Autosampler for automated liquid injections
  • A0213, Induction Module
  • Small Sample Isotope Module
  • Automated 16-port distribution manifold
  • Automated sampling system for root, stem and soil respiration
  • 8100-104, Four chambers for automated measurements of soil respiration (ø20 cm)
  • 8100-103, 20-cm survey chamber
  • LI-8150-8, 8-port multiplexer
  • HH2 Moisture Meter equipped with wet sensor


Permanent eddy covariance tower at Brocon Grassland area equipped with:

  • Li 7500 open-path infrared gas analyzer
  • Metek USA-1 ultasonic anemometer
  • SIS.AV Industrial computer

Meteorological Station:

  • TMF500 Multichannel Datalogger with 16-port expansion module C116
  • BAR-A Electronic Barometer
  • NR Lite 2 Net radiometer
  • SP110 Pyranometer
  • ARG100 Raingauge
  • MP100A Hygrometer Meteorology Probe
  • 10HS Soil moisture Sensor x2
  • HFP01 Heat Flux Plate x2
  • PT100 Soil temperature probe x2