– Prize “Idea Università-Impresa” BIC- LAZIO, 2003

– Marie-Curie Fellowship, EUROPEAN COMMUNITY, Outgoing International Fellowhips, 2005

– Expert “Cultore della materia” in Forest Ecophysiology, 2005

-Associate Editor “Ecosystem Health and Sustainability”

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journals: “Journal of Environmental Quality” (2011-2016),  “Forests”, “TheScientificWorldJournal”,   “AIMS Environmental Science”,  “Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution”, “The Open Forest Science Journal”

Referee of the Journals: “Plant Physiology”, “New Phytologist”, “Global Change Biology”, “Oecologia”, “Plant Cell & Environment”,
“Tree Physiology”, “Functional Plant Biology”, “Plant Pathology”, “Annals of Forest Science”, “Journal of Environmental Management”, “Journal of Plant Interactions”, “Forest@”, “Italian Journal of Agronomy”

– Coordinator of the Cost Action FP1204 “Green Infrastructure approach: linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests” 2013-2017

– Co-chair of the Expert Working Group ” NATURE-BASED SOLUTIONS to promote climate resilience in urban areas” within EKLIPSE Project-EU DG-Research- Focal Point for Italy of the ICOS “Integrated Carbon Observation System” European Research Infrastructure since 2015- Member of the Scientific Committee “Life, Environmental and Geosciences” of Science Europe 2013-2015

– Evaluator of projects and/or institues in USA, EU Commission, France, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Czech Rep., Romania, Estonia, Austria

-Chair of the Evaluation committee for FWO (2019-2024)

-Chair of the Evaluation committee for Academy of Finland (2019-2021)

-Member of Czechglobe, Centre of Excellence for Studies on Climate Change of AVCR, Brno (Czech Republic) ( 2010-2020)

– Responsible of the CNR-Project “Gestione sostenibile ed efficiente delle risorse e degli ecosistemi” since 2014-2020

– Author of more than 100 papers on International Journals/Books (H-index: 55; Citations: 10896; Estimated Mean IF: 5.1; from Google Scholar).

– Key-note speaker:

Urban Environmental Pollution Conference, 2012 (Amsterdam)
Urban Environmental Pollution Conference, 2013 (Beijing)
European Forum of Urban Forestry, 2014 (Lausanne)
Megacities 2050 Conference, 2016 (Moscow)
European Symposium of Albi Hortis-WUP, 2016 (Albi, France)
European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference, 2017 (Budapest)
Congress of Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology, 2017 (Rome)

Smart and Sustainable Cities Conference, 2018 (Moscow)

International Mediterranean Biodiversity Conference, 2023 (Lecce)

Wageningen Soil Conference, 2023 (Wageningen)

– Invited speaker:

Conference “Global Change and Resilience”,  Brno (2013)
Conference “Priorities for forest adaptation to climate change and air pollution”,  Brussels (2013)
Joint workshop CNR-Max Planck “Integration and partnership in Science and Technology: state of the art and future Perspectives”, Villa Vigoni (2013)
European Congress of Arboriculture (ISA), Turin (2014)
HYPI Conference ‘New Perspectives in Modeling and Measurement of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds Emissions by Remote Sensing’, Antwerp (2017)
EUSALP Action Group Forum, Garmisch (2017)
Lungs of the Earth, Forest Policies for Climate and Health, EU Parliament, Brussels (2017)
UN Science-Policy-Businness Forum, Nairobi (2017)

– Opponent or committee member for phD thesis:

University of Eastern Finland, 2012
University of Tartu, 2013
Technical University of Denmark, 2013
University of Antwerp, 2013
University of Copenhagen, 2015
University of Helsinki, 2015